From YEWB to The Secure Entrepreneur

Hello and thank you for visiting the Your Event Without Borders Website. You have arrived here looking for information about using video to build your business, or for help with simulcasting your live event or classes.

I appreciate the time you took to come here looking for that information, but, after approximately 6 years of helping people with simulcasting their events, I have decided to shift my business in a new direction, and help people with something I am really passionate about:

Supporting you to build and grow your business without going into huge amounts of debt and putting yourself at risk.

I started my business shortly after my son, Fionn, was born. I needed to build my business AND make enough income to support my family. I didn’t have the ability to take huge risks or go into large amounts of start up debt to get my business running. Through out the life of Your Event Without Borders I built the business slowly and carefully, always staying within the comfort levels of my family.

This was VERY important for both my wife and I, and the mindset of being a low-risk entrepreneur is, I believe, the foundation of my success in business so far.

If you are building your own business, and the idea of taking huge risks, and going into large amounts of debt is frightening for you, then I think my new work will resonate.

You can learn more about my new business, which I am calling: The Secure Entrepreneur, at:

You can also watch this video which talks about my own money journey and some of the core beliefs that The Secure Entrepreneur system is built on.

If the content in the video hits home, and sounds interesting I would love to start sharing more with you at the new site:

Thank you for your interest in Your Event Without Borders, and I hope to see you at The Secure Entrepreneur,